Govt Dispatches ZUPCO Buses To Bulawayo

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Govt Dispatches ZUPCO Buses To Bulawayo

The government has allocated five new ZUPCO buses to Bulawayo. The buses are part of the 39 new Zupco buses which were recently commissioned.

ZUPCO acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Evaristo Madangwa said Bulawayo buses will be delivered between today and tomorrow. He said:

I’m not looking at the actual figures at the moment but roughly four or five buses have been allocated to Bulawayo, two to Gweru, one bus to Kwekwe and another to Masvingo. Due to the fact that Harare is a big city, about 14 or 15 buses have been allocated to service its routes.

He also said that the company has already made inroads towards distributing enough buses for all urban routes to meet the demand for transport. He also called for patience from the commuting public during the period the company is working towards the above goal. 

The development follows a suspension of services by Bulawayo commuter omnibus operators. The Operators argued that the new fuel prices announced on Tuesday had made the business unsustainable.

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