How Zimbabweans Responded to "Chasi Fires Entire ZESA Board"

4 years agoSat, 08 Jun 2019 02:12:22 GMT
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How Zimbabweans Responded to "Chasi Fires Entire ZESA Board"

Following the announcement by the energy minister, advocate Fortune Chasi, that he had fired the entire ZESA Holdings board, a number of social media users have expressed their views. Some are just skeptical of the move praying that he had the right diagnosis of the problem. Some who believe that the retooling of the local power utility was long overdue said that the minister nailed it by starting with governance issues. Below is the tweet they were responding to and their responses follow thereafter:



Some view this development as an opportunity for them to get employed. There were some who proposed that they start sending their resumes for considerations. One of his followers replied:

Ndodawo basa mkuru. I’m a technocrat.

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Others suggested that there is nothing to celebrate yet as results are yet to unfold. One user said:

Results are what this nation that has suffered for decades need. When we see board decisions that result in the creation of energy security in the country, then people will be happy and businesses will grow and investors will look at Zim once again!

Another one concurred with the above sentiments:

Others are just hoping he stroke the right key. They said that all they wanted was good governance that uproots any evil or corrupt people from the system. One user said:

Okay. If you did the investigation and saw it necessary to dissolve it. Well done sir. Hopefully we will get the right people to occupy those positions. Right people at the right place it’s key 🔑

Others believe the minister has just created a golden opportunity for himself to show that Zimbabwe has very competent people who can run the ZESA board efficiently.

Others who have commended the move also believe a lot of heads deserve to roll for the system to function well. One of his followers posted:

PermSec Principal directors n directors in that ministry should go we’ve more than capable n willing competent individuals willing to serve the National Interest cause @fortunechasi






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