ZETDC Answers Customers' Questions On Load Shedding

5 years agoFri, 14 Jun 2019 22:20:49 GMT
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ZETDC Answers Customers' Questions On Load Shedding

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has answered some of the questions frequently asked by its customers. Below are the questions and answers:

1. Why does ZETDC not come out with a timetable on load shedding so that we plan in advance?

Ans: ZETDC has produced and published load shedding schedules. These are available at all ZETDC offices and on our website.

2. Why does ZETDC sometimes not stick to the schedules?

Ans: The schedules are based on known power shortfalls. When shortfalls occur as a result of major system disturbances or equipment failure then ZETDC will be forced to shed areas that may not have been on the programme for the day.

Areas that were initially scheduled for load shedding could also be exempted from load shedding in the event that there is an improvement in the power supply situation.

3. Why are some customers not being shed?

Ans: Circuits that feed essential services are exempted from load shedding. These include hospitals, major hospitals, water and sewage pump stations, airports, broadcasting stations, telephone exchanges and central business districts.

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Neighbours could be having power because they are on that circuit, on a different circuit and or on a different load shedding schedule.

4. Why are we shed in the morning and evening when we need electricity the most?

Ans: It is during these times that demand exceeds supply, hence the need to shed to balance demand and supply. The demand profile is shaped by customers levels of usage during these periods.

5. Does load shedding damage electrical appliances?

Ans: Load shedding involves opening and closing switches and this doesn’t damage appliances. However, it is important to note that surges may occur in a power system. As precaution customers are advised to switch off electrical appliances.



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