The Govt Has Been Possessed By A Demon - Chamisa

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The Govt Has Been Possessed By A Demon - Chamisa

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has dismissed reports and claims by the government that prices of goods have been on a downward trend since the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar.

Chamisa said to insist on saying that prices are falling down shows that the government is demonised. He said:

The government has been possessed by a demon, how can they say prices are going down? I don’t know which stores they are buying from, maybe they are buying from India or South Africa, maybe in Botswana, but here in Zimbabwe, in shops like OK, TM, Choppies, shops that we buy from as the majority, prices are not falling they are actually going up (and) everyone can see this.

Chamisa said that marriages and families have been negatively impacted by the ongoing economic crisis. He said:

Marriages and families are suffering lack of love caused by these hardships. Love can only be shared when people are living in peace and comfort. We have seen high levels of poverty in Zimbabwe.

The MDC leader called on his supporters to be ready when the party gives out a signal for action. He continued:

Everyone should be ready for our signal. They should be on standby.

When we call, you have to stand in your place once we call for action. For now, we are trying to talk to Mnangagwa.

We are going to get to a point where we will start acting and when we act you will not guess.

We don’t need third parties to talk on our behalf; this time (we are) going to make decisions that are very tough that will make our country progress.

We can’t allow one person, who is feeding himself, to disturb the whole country.

… We are not the opposition, we are a party that leads, the opposition is Mnangagwa, that’s why you see he is the one who opposes people’s earnings, their access to basic foodstuffs, their happiness, their peace.

He opposes this with such fierce energy that everyone can see his opposition stance. We lead, we provide answers.


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