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"We're Against Having Sikhala Arrested, We're Going Head On With Him," ZANU PF

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"We're Against Having Sikhala Arrested, We're Going Head On With Him," ZANU PF

Zanu PF youth affiliates spokesperson Taurai Kandishaya has said that the party would prefer having opposition MDC’s Job Sikhala out of prison so that they go head on with him.

The remarks come after Sikhala said that the MDC was not joking about overthrowing the government before 2023. The MDC has since distanced itself from the remarks saying that they reflected Sikhala’s personal opinion.

Kandishaya called for a withdrawal of the statement by Sikhala saying that failure to do so, the party would hunt him down. Speaking to the Daily News, an emotional Kandishaya said:

We note with great concern that MDC Alliance is now mistaking democracy for lawlessness, they are now mistaking freedom of expression for insults inviting upon themselves law enforcement agents to react because such statements are treasonous.

However, … we are happy to announce … that we are against having Job Sikhala arrested for if he gets arrested we won’t be able to locate him since we will not be having access to the prisons or police cells.

As politicians we have decided to confront him. We are going head-on  with him. … , we can’t fold our hands and relax when our government is under attack. When our president is under attack.

Yesterday, Sikhala was summoned by the police over his remarks. Citizens who criticise the MDC’s stance on the remarks have since launched #IStandWithJob. Party youths have however openly pledged their support for Sikhala saying that it was very obvious that the party’s main agenda was overthrowing ZANU PF.

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