Riotous ZANU-PF Youths Disrupt Parliamentary Session

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Riotous ZANU-PF Youths Disrupt Parliamentary Session

Visibly drunk and riotous ZANU-PF youths reportedly disrupted a Youth, Sports and Recreation Parliamentary Portfolio Committee meeting in Kadoma over the weekend. The Committee ended aborting the meeting as the youths continuously interjected during contributions by participants, threatening to unleash violence.

MDC legislators, Trevor Saruwaka and Happymore Chidziva reportedly tried in vain to knock sense into the rowdy youths.

Zanu PF Chivi North lawmaker and Youth, Sport and Recreation Committee chairperson Mathias Tongofa bemoaned the behaviour and said:

It’s sad that such a thing is happening when young people should be discussing serious issues to do with their future. How then can we as Zanu PF, the ruling party, mobilise people to join us and consolidate our hold to power when we have such a crop of youths?

Commenting on the meeting that was prematurely adjourned, Saruwaka said:

People are still polarised and contributions were biased along party lines. But from the other six peaceful meetings we have held, there is convergence on the need for a youth commission.

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