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Buying Your First Car From Japan? Here Is What You Need To Know.

4 years agoFri, 19 Jul 2019 14:37:14 GMT
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Buying Your First Car From Japan? Here Is What You Need To Know.

Buying your first car is very exciting. We all dream of having our very own cars. When the time comes, we all count our coins, deprive ourselves of some life pleasures just to save enough dough to pay for our first car.

For various reasons, most people prefer buying their cars from Japan. This has contributed to a surge in demand for Japanese cars in Zimbabwe. Where there is money to be made, scammers flock in. While it may be a good feeling, it may also come with excitement that may also be overridden with impulsive behaviour.

Scammers out there are waiting ready to pounce. If one is not careful when buying your first car from Japan, you may just fall into the jaws of eagerly waiting scammers. In case you have saved up your money and you want to buy your first car from Japan. These few tips may just be handy.

1. Reliable Websites

While Google is our friend, it cant stop people form defrauding us. Buying a car in Japan means you have to do some if not all transactions online. In case you want to buy your first car from Japan these sites are the reliable sites you can use.

1.  JapaneseVehicle.Com

This site may be old but very reliable. It has so many cars listed and you will be spoilt for choice. It has a how to guide that lists the steps you follow when making your purchase. There is a payments page as well where you can view various ways you can pay for your car.

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In Zimbabwe, some people when using this site deposit their money at Zambia Post office in Lusaka while some prefer PayPal. All those payments methods are supported by JapaneseVehicles.Com. A few reviews on the site can tell you more about other users’ interference with the site.

2. TradeCarView

The beauty of this website is, you can get local support in case you need to use it to buy a car. This means if you get stuck trying to buy a car on TradeCarView you can call a local based agent and get your issue sorted or you can get the help you need.

It allows a user to get access to their stock easily and you can filter by make, price, or production year. TradeCarView, unlike JapaneseVehicles.Com doesn’t have all things you may want outlined clearly on the Home Page. In case you want to buy you have to access the link written, How To Buy.

3. CarJunction.Com

This might be the most comprehensive website you will ever find in your search for a car from Japan. The website even has a testimonial page where I got to learn there is a country called Guyana. Well, CarJuncttion.Com is a comprehensive site that clearly outlines things for an interested customer.

If you like cheap things like me you can just go to one filter and check all low budget vehicles or use several filters on the site like vehicles under $1000 or low mileage vehicles. Payment methods that include A British bank account are available hence you can do zhets like giving people money in Zimbabwe and their relatives in the UK pay for your car in Japan. Once again beware of scammers.

4. BeForward

The most popular car buying/selling services in Zimbabwe. Be Forward is probably the only site some people use when they buy their cars. Be Forward is very reliable and many cars have been bought using this site. While it may be the most common site used by Zimbabweans, the site is now cluttered with so many things as they now sell phones, printers etc. One needs to take a second look when buying on Be Forward lest you buy something you don’t want thinking its something you want.

Clutter or no clutter Be forward is known to have cheap cars. Be Forward also details everything about the car you are about to buy. What you see is what you get. While the site may be hard to navigate on or find things you are looking for like how to pay etc, just searching and clicking on the car you like will get you almost all the information you may need to purchase that car.

5. SBTJapan

This is one simple site one can order their car from. Their website is almost similar to that of Car Junction as it has a testimonial page. The steps are clearly outlined and one can pay using Paypal or pay using the Standard bank.

SBT gives a shipping schedule and a request for a car service etc. In simple terms, SBT is an easy to use site and you and your dream first car may just find each other on this site.

2. Make Sure You Make Payments To The Correct Account

Well if you are so quite sure you are paying the correct account, not some internet charmer who is sitting on the other end of the computer waiting to harvest the fruits of your labour, make sure you enter correct banking details for the payment you are about to make.

If you thought recovering money that has been swallowed up by a certain mobile money platform or a certain bank in Zimbabwe is hard, try recovering it from a foreign bank where on top of everything you may also have language problems.  Check once, twice, thrice before you press that pay or send button

3. Keep a transaction file of your purchase.

Unplanned for eventualities mare our everyday life. Be sure to keep a file of every transaction you have done when you were paying for your first car till it reaches you.

There is a lot of space between you and the car and something might just happen in that distance that may require you to produce those documents. Even is everything is online, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe. Have your own file as a backup, you never know, you may need it.








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