"MDC Has A Grand Plan To Foment Chaos In The Country", ZANU PF Spokesperson

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"MDC Has A Grand Plan To Foment Chaos In The Country", ZANU PF Spokesperson

The ruling ZANU PF party has accused the opposition MDC of having a grand plan to foment chaos in the country.

Speaking to reporters at the Zanu-PF Headquarters on Monday, the party’s secretary for Information and Publicity, Simon Khaya Moyo warned the MDC that the government will not allow the country to degenerate into chaos. He said:

The recent assault on Honourable Moyo and his team in London by MDC hoodlums masquerading as human rights activists while they were on official Government business, firmly demonstrates the aversion of the opposition to the principle of respect for the rule of law and peaceful protests as set out in the national Constitution and international human rights laws.

However, the attack in London on Cde SB Moyo cannot be taken in isolation as it is part of the beleaguered opposition’s grand plan to foment chaos within Zimbabwe and create a false impression of a failed State.

… While the Zanu-PF led Government under the stewardship of His Excellency Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has exceedingly committed to ensuring that the rights of Zimbabweans, including the right to protest, are guaranteed as set out in the supreme law of the land, it has rightfully demonstrated that it cannot take a blind eye to anarchy.

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