"Who Will Be Answerable When Lives Are Lost?" NSDAC

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"Who Will Be Answerable When Lives Are Lost?" NSDAC

Members of the public have been dissuaded against participating in the planned MDC demonstration saying that the opposition party was putting people’s lives in danger.

Speaking to the Chronicle, National Schools Development Associations and Committees chairperson, Mr Max Mkandla, said:

Who will be answerable when lives are lost? Thus, we want to urge members of the public that they should not participate in the demonstration as they might even lose their lives yet those who plan these incidents will be moving on with their lives.

Mkandla further urged the opposition MDC to engage the ruling ZANU PF and have a dialogue over the matter noting that demonstrations will not solve the crisis.

Both ZANU PF and the MDC have all reiterated the need for a national dialogue. However, they differ on the modus operandi and agenda.

The MDC demands that the legitimacy issue that was created by the disputed 2018 elections be part of the dialogue agenda. Meanwhile, ZANU PF is reluctant to discuss the issue saying that they won and the Constitutional court confirmed their victory.

The MDC also demands the engagement of an independent-foreign convenor. At the moment, the president Mnangagwa initiated dialogue (POLAD) has local convenors which the MDC says can be easily manipulated by the ZANU PF.

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