ZANU PF Apologist "Explains" Missing US$400 Million Command Agric Funds

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ZANU PF Apologist "Explains" Missing US$400 Million Command Agric Funds

A ZANU PF social media activist has “explained” the reasons why Ministry of Finance officials were evasive and professed unusual ignorance about a company called FSG when they appeared before the Tendai Biti-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts on Monday.

FSG was paid US$400 million for the supply of Command Agriculture fertilizer without any supporting documents. It turned out that the company was a funeral assurance company, according to reports.

When asked to explain FSG’s status, the officials said that they had no information as to who owns the company or where it is located.

However, writing on Twitter using the handle @KMutisi, the ruling party apologist said that there is no corruption involved at all. He wrote:

For those thinking it’s corruption, let me tell you one thing: It’s actually sanctions-busting!!

Some of the companies u hear about were simply created to evade Sanctions.

FSG director I’d from Scotland.

Biti is trying to expose our sanction busting measures.

This is what @matigary means when he says sanctions breed corruption! The govt uses some of these dodgy companies to import fertilizers and other goods into Zimbabwe in a bid to try & evade Sanctions. In the end, corruption occurs.  Sanctions must go so and go now.

Ministry of Finance Officials knows who is FSG. They know the Directors. But they won’t say that in public because these are the people they use in importing critical supplies.

I am done, have a Beautiful Day. Those who know will know.




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