"USA Instigates Opposition Parties To Violate Laws In Their Countries" - OPINION

4 years ago
Fri, 30 Aug 2019 00:00:25 GMT
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"USA Instigates Opposition Parties To Violate Laws In Their Countries" - OPINION

A Herald article in the opinion section has claimed that the United States of America instigates violation of laws by the opposition in Zimbabwe.

The article also says that when law enforcers arrest them for breaking the law, the USA would report that human rights defenders are being harassed. Reds the article:

In Zimbabwe and many other countries not subservient to the United States of America, it has become common practice that the US instigates opposition political activists to deliberately break the law of their own countries, and when the law enforcement agents act, the lawbreakers become victims and decorated defenders of human rights, as if human rights are a preserve of those liked by the US only.

The criminals suddenly assume the role of human rights defenders, the role of saints, the role of untouchables, simply because they are doing it on behalf of Washington; doing it to effect regime change for America, whose main agenda is gaining access to the vast untapped natural resources of the said countries.

The article comes when the international community including the USA castigated the harassment of members of the opposition MDC, human rights defenders and government critics allegedly by the state.

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It also comes when the State violently dispersed protesters who had thronged to the streets of Harare at the instigation of the MDC. The State had banned the demonstration saying it was likely to be violent.

The State argued that protests were likely to be like the January fuel protests which degenerated into chaos with some protesters looting from shops.

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