Mutodi Condemned For His Remarks About Ndebele People And Xenophobia

4 years ago
Tue, 03 Sep 2019 23:01:00 GMT
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Mutodi Condemned For His Remarks About Ndebele People And Xenophobia

Deputy Minister for Information and Publicity, Energy Mutodi, has been condemned for saying that Ndebele people who are Zimbabwean citizens are actually South Africans who were accommodated while fleeing from Tshaka. Mutodi made the remarks in the context of the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Below are some of the reactions from Zimbabweans on Twitter:

Alex Magaisa: He represents his master, the man behind him in that portrait. If he didn’t have his blessings he would no longer be in his role as Minister. He never had a moral compass & he has shown it time & again. No reprimand. Ultimately, his appointing authority is responsible for his man.

Hopewell Chin’ono: Please @energymutodi stop this historical revisionism. Ndebeles are not South African, they are Zimbabwean. My great-grandfather came from modern-day Mozambique, I am not Mozambican, I am Zimbabwean! We should push back against divisive drivel! Address xenophobia. Don’t inflame it!

David Coltart: This is a remarkable statement which ZANU-PF needs to clarify. What does @nickmangwana have to say about this? Does ZANUPF accept a Constitutional birthright or not?

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Pedzisai Ruhanya: Now is saying that Zimbabweans in Matebeleland are South Africans who are staying in Zimbabwe at the benevolence of ZANU PF regime. How wrong and misguided can one be? Are you suggesting Zimbos can be xenophobic against Zimbos in Matebeleland? How ignorant?

Allowing Mutodi to open his mouth is asking for disaster. This man is possessed by idiocy!

Mduduzi Mathuthu: They have moved on from whites David. Ndebeles are being reminded today that they are refugees “accommodated” from South Africa. Scary!

Zenzele: Dear @energymutodi the Berlin conference was held in 1878. So I hope that short history lesson will help you. #Asakhe

Fadzayi Mahere: Disgusting. But what’s even more troubling is that nobody in Govt is censuring him. They agree with his views but use him as a court jester to communicate their position. Sad.

Human: Being from Matabeleland is basically being a second class citizen. A whole government official sending a non-unifying message😕

Tich Ray: I keep reminding people that Mnangagwa appointed this fool @energymutodi to his govt & finds it prudent to retain him as Deputy Information Minister. His greatest attributes are his ability to lick ass & spiting Zimbos and probably also that he leaked the I AM THE BOSS mug pics.

LynnM: Energy Mutodi MUST be banned from public addresses to save Zimbabwe further embarrassment! He breathes Xenophobic & genocidal behaviours effortlessly! He is a disaster waiting to happen! Stop him & stop him now!




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