ZESA's Stepped Tariffs Vex Customers

3 years ago
Thu, 31 Oct 2019 03:00:16 GMT
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ZESA's Stepped Tariffs Vex Customers

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has defended its steeped tariff system saying that it rewards customers who are conscious about saving power.

The system was introduced recently by the power utility in a bid to ensure its sustainability by making sure that consumers pay for the electricity they use.

ZESA believes that the monthly 200 units of significantly lower-priced electricity under new tariffs for each household meter is enough for an average family that uses electricity wisely.

However, these first 200 units still cost significantly more than the flat rate introduced in August of 9,86c for each kilowatt-hour or unit.

The first 50 units are sold for 41c each, with that block totalling $20,50. Then the next 150 units are 91c each for a total of $136,50. The two blocks together come to $157 a month.

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However, after consuming the 200 units, everything extra will cost $3,67 a unit of a one-kilowatt hour.

For consumers to “benefit” from the lower-priced tranches, they have to buy them at the same time but can only be bought once a calendar month.

The arrangement is “unfair” for several families who live together and use one meter, and also home businesses which use a lot of electricity.

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