OPINION: ED Has No Capacity To Bring Us Out Of This Economic Meltdown

3 years ago
Sat, 02 Nov 2019 05:50:17 GMT
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OPINION: ED Has No Capacity To Bring Us Out Of This Economic Meltdown

A Newsday columnist has questioned the president’s ability to get the country out of the murky waters. The columnist said the president is either not aware of the current situation in the country or has decided to disassociate himself from reality.

The opinionist was basing his argument on the president’s photos circulating on social media of him having fancy meals while millions of Zimbabweans are starving. The columnist opined:

The President does not inspire confidence that he or his government have solutions to the problems confronting this nation. If his responses or lack thereof to these problems, are anything to go by, then one gets the impression that he himself is equally stunned by the scale of problems the country is battling.

It is quite shocking that the doctors’ strike, for instance, has gone on for over a month, and yet the government, which is reluctant to meet the doctors’ demands, was quite eager to pump out a lot of money for a useless anti-sanctions march. Ever since Mnangagwa came to power, his government has not hesitated to pay huge amounts of money to international public relations companies to spruce up its image.

Just to show how inept this government is, it is quite clear, and they know what they are supposed to do because they made those very promises ahead of last year’s elections. One does not require any public relations whitewashing to fulfil their own pledge. And anyone with a little sense in their head would know that.

The government has not even shown any appetite to deal with corruption beyond a little tokenism that has however not fooled anyone. Once it implements the necessary political and economic reforms, everything will fall into place like the right pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

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