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"Capacitate Citizens To Stand Against Dictatorship," - ZCTU

3 years ago
Thu, 21 Nov 2019 02:18:37 GMT
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"Capacitate Citizens To Stand Against Dictatorship," - ZCTU

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union, the largest workers union in Zimbabwe has said that citizens have to be capacitated to defend themselves against state brutality.

The Union speaks after state police violently dispersed MDC supporters who were gathered at their party headquarters in Harare where party leader, Nelson Chamisa was delivering his Hope of The Nation Address.

Posting on Twitter, ZCTU suggested that it was a waste of resources to train security personnel. The Union said:

Wasted resources.

We always argue that instead of wasting resources on perpetrators of violence and brutality against citizens, better use those resources on the victims.

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Best way forward is capacitating citizens for them to stand against the dictatorship.

ZCTU was responding to @PiersPigou who was “rhetorically” asking what had happened to the training on human right which the United Nations had earlier said Zimbabwe police had undergone.

UNDP in Zimbabwe had earlier said that Zimbabwe police had trained in upholding human rights for elections.

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