Govt To Train Traditional Midwives As It Moves To Re-Open Maternity Clinic In Mbare

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Govt To Train Traditional Midwives As It Moves To Re-Open Maternity Clinic In Mbare

The government has announced that it will be opening Opperman Maternity Clinicin Mbare to help expecting mothers in the high-density suburb.

The government also said that it will be training traditional midwives who assisted pregnant women to deliver their babies when doctors were on the ongoing industrial action.

The development comes after dozens of pregnant women delivered their babies at Mbuya Gwena’s place in Mbare after hospitals and clinics turned them away since there are no health caregivers to assist them.

The announcement was made by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana who posted on Twitter saying:

Govt announced a move to open Edith Operman Maternity Clinic for pregnant mothers in Mbare. It also announced the training of those nyamukutas (community midwives) who helpfully support those who deliver at home. Pregnancy and motherhood are known to be beautiful experiences.

The country health sector is collapsed as noted by the inadequacy of medicines and equipment in public health institutions, a situation which is being worsened by the absence of health practitioners who are on industrial action which started on the 3rd of September this year.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Budget Statement did not prioritise the sector which is clearly on its knees prompting some analysts to say that government officials do not care about the country’s healthcare system as they can afford to travel abroad for medication.

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