Mthuli Refuses To Explain 'China-Zimbabwe Bilateral Support' Mistake

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Mthuli Refuses To Explain 'China-Zimbabwe Bilateral Support' Mistake

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube has refused to she mored light on the matter between the Zimbabwe government and China regarding the amount of bilateral support availed by the latter to the former.

Speaking during a press conference at the New Government Complex offices in Harare on Thursday, Ncube told reporters that the issue has since been resolved. He said:

The issue of the figures has been discussed; only there was an error on the figures. This has since been resolved. I cannot say much now.

During the 2020 budget presentation last week, Ncube understated the funds extended to Zimbabwe by China, giving a paltry figure of US$3.6 million.

China was angered by Ncube’s gaffe, with its embassy in Harare demanding that the Ministry of Finance “make comprehensive assessments on the statistics of bilateral support and accurately reflect its actual situation when formulating a budget statement”.

China insisted that she was by far Zimbabwe’s largest donor having provided $136.8m between January and September 2019.

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