Matemadanda's "Elections Will Not Remove Zanu PF" Utterances Concerning - ERC

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Matemadanda's "Elections Will Not Remove Zanu PF" Utterances Concerning - ERC

The Election Resource Center questioned the sincerity of the new dispensation after the ruling party’s political commissar Victor Matemadanda claimed elections would not remove the ruling party from power.

Writing for the Daily News, ERC said:

ERC denounces such reckless utterances that question the sincerity of the new dispensation in addressing electoral reforms well ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.  Matemadanda said: “If elections fail we will use any other means necessary”.  He also went on to say that elections will not remove Zanu PF from power.

Elections provide one of the few opportunities at the disposal of citizens to express themselves democratically.   They are one opportunity that is provided once every five years where citizens decide who should govern them.

According to the Constitution, Zimbabwe has a multi-party democratic political system whose electoral system is based on equality of votes, orderly transfer of power following elections, respect for the rights of political parties and respect for the people of Zimbabwe from whom authority to govern is derived.

The utterances attributed to Matemadanda are in clear violation of the constitution which he took an oath to uphold together with other laws of Zimbabwe as a deputy minister (of Defence).  Zimbabwe is a democratic republic in which democratic processes should be exalted and not subverted.

Suggesting that there are other ways to remain in power outside elections reinforces the growing perception that elections in Zimbabwe do not determine who governs.

Matemadanda made these utterances last week at the Zanu PF Annual Congress.

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