Zimbabwean Experts Clear British Territory Of Thousands Of Landmines

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Zimbabwean Experts Clear British Territory Of Thousands Of Landmines

Zimbabwean experts have successfully cleared landmines on the British overseas territory, the Falkland Islands.

It has taken a decade for the Zimbabwean contractors to clear thousands of landmines that were planted by soldiers from Argentina when they invaded the territory thirty-seven years ago.

The Argentinians occupied the territory for 74 days before they were driven out by the British army, but not before they had planted about 25 000 mines.

The British government contracted SafeLane Global, a de-mining company to clear the mines planted during the 1982 war.

In 1999, a company called Bactec, which was one of several to later merge into SafeLane Global, was contracted to clear two million mines along the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The company recruited and trained local Zimbabweans who have since become world-renowned for their expertise.

The Zimbabwean experts have been deployed all over the world – including to Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Eritrea, Croatia and Lebanon — to clear mines following wars.

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