Manchester United Struggles Likened To Mugabe Era

3 years ago
Mon, 27 Jan 2020 09:12:26 GMT
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Manchester United Struggles Likened To Mugabe Era

A supporter of English Premier League club Liverpool FC, Carlton, who claims to be a Zimbabwean based in Perth, Australia, has likened Manchester United’s current struggles to those of Zimbabwe during and after the late President Robert Mugabe’s reign.

Calling for executive chairperson Ed Woodward, and the owners, the Glazer Family to leave the club is akin to Zimbabweans who were calling for Mugabe to go, only to discover that they are now worse off under his predecessors. What is crucial is to change the whole system, not individuals at the helm.

This idea from the Man U fans and football analysts that somehow Ole is not to blame for the current state of Man U but Woodward and the Glazers is seriously flawed and laughable.

Kinda reminds me of how Zimbabweans initially blamed their country’s malaise on Mugabe’s lieutenants and not Mugabe.

When nothing improved they then turned around and blamed Mugabe and said he was limiting his lieutenants from making the needed reforms to improve lives.

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We all know how it all ended with a coup on Mugabe. Now the same people are worse off than during Mugabe’s time.

My point is no-one is clean in this mess, the entire system is rotten and until proper restructuring and removal of some people Man U will be getting worse and worse and the fans and pundits will need to find new people to blame.

I’m an LFC fan and I am enjoying all the drama.




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