FULL THREAD: Why Constitutional Amendment Clause #10 Is Bad For The Country - Team Pachedu

3 years agoMon, 09 Mar 2020 12:07:32 GMT
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FULL THREAD: Why Constitutional Amendment Clause #10 Is Bad For The Country - Team Pachedu

Constitutional Amendment Clause #10

Clause #10 deals with the appointment of [Cabinet] Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The Constitution states that all these ministers, except five, must be people who are already elected members of Parliament or Senate.

The Constitution allows appointing up to 5 Ministers from outside parliament to make up for any skills, knowledge or expertise that may be lacking, and which the Executive needs to properly carry out its mandate.

The amendment seeks to increase this number from 5 to 7 people who can be appointed from outside @ParliamentZim.

Government has not explained why it needs this slight increase and although the increase is not really the cause for concern, it should be noted that:

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1. It’s unclear whether the president wants to increase the size of the cabinet through this amendment, but it should be noted that the Cabinet already has 27 members, each of whom receives a monthly salary, benefits, vehicles and allowances paid for by the taxpayer.

2. If five non-parliamentary members are not enough to gain the expertise needed to effectively run the Executive, then the quality and calibre of people elected to Parliament and Senate need to be improved.

3. In the past, there have been complaints that Cabinet Ministers refuse to turn up to parliament to answer questions. Appointing more people from outside parliament is likely to make this worse.

4. Currently, these non-MP cabinet ministers are not scrutinized or approved by parliament, a check which can help ensure that only people with the best expertise and skills are appointed.

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