COVID-19 Threatens Tobacco Marketing Season

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COVID-19 Threatens Tobacco Marketing Season

Uncertainty is reportedly reigning supreme about the Tobacco Marketing Season, as the government announced stringent measures like banning gatherings of persons above 100 to combat spreading the novel coronavirus.

This means farmers cant congregate or have to strategies on how to sell their tobacco at the annual tobacco auction floors which usually attract thousands of farmers per day.

TIMB has written to the Ministry of Health and Child Care seeking advise on how to proceed, TIMB’s Dr Matibiri told The Sunday Mail:

We have written to them and we are awaiting the response. Our decision to engage them was premised on the fact that there is a call to minimise large crowds, so we are just waiting to get expert advice and I am sure that will be very soon.

The Ministry is yet to respond to how TIMB can proceed on the matter.

More: The Sunday Mail 



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