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High Court Orders Buyanga To Return His 5-Year-Old Son In 24 Hours

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High Court Orders Buyanga To Return His 5-Year-Old Son In 24 Hours

Property tycoon Frank Buyanga has been ordered by the High Court to bring back his 5-year-old son whom he reportedly grabbed from his mother at Waterfalls Shopping Center. The Herald reports.

If he fails to do so, Buyanga will be arrested for contempt of court. Buyanga was further ordered to hand over the child to Waterfalls Police Station and his mother Chantelle Muteswa will go and pick him up from the police station.

According to the publication, Buyanga sent people to forcibly take the boy from his mother and the scene was caught on camera at the shopping mall:

Footage captured by a supermarket CCTV on the day the child was taken away shows a white Ford Ranger parking behind Ms Muteswa’s Honda Fit.

Two men who were brandishing firearms pounced on the woman and forcibly took away the boy, who was with her grandmother.

The men jumped into the white Ford Ranger and sped off. Ms Muteswa and her mother fought the men as they drove off.

The court also instructed the Registrar-General’s Office to surrender the child’s passport to the Registrar of the High Court within 24 hours. Buyanga and Muteswa are caught up in a nasty custody battle over their 5-year-old son.

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