Cash-strapped Gweru Council Runs Out Of Water Treatment Chemicals

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Cash-strapped Gweru Council Runs Out Of Water Treatment Chemicals

Gweru City Council has announced that it is left with water treatment chemicals enough for only four days.

Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe revealed the development following an urgent meeting held last Thursday with the council management.

Makombe blamed poor council management for the crisis. He said:

I received a call from the Acting Town Clerk (Douglas Chikwekwe) around 3 pm on Thursday requesting an urgent meeting.

I was then informed in the meeting that ‘we’ are left with four days of water chemicals.

We then called all chairpersons of committees and informed them that we have no money to procure the chemicals to treat our water.

This is poor management by council management. I’m tempted to believe what came out in the skills audit report that the majority of the management have no capacity to hold the positions they have.

Clr Makombe also revealed that the city’s coffers are dry and the council is struggling to pay its employees.

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