Landlords Ask The Govt For Food Aid As Tenants Fail To Pay Rentals - Report

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Landlords Ask The Govt For Food Aid As Tenants Fail To Pay Rentals - Report

Landlords who reportedly survive on rentals have asked the government for food and groceries as tenants fail to pay May rentals due to the hardships posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zimbabwe reports.

Landlords that spoke to the publication about their predicament said:

I am a pensioner and I live through money I get from my houses. I cannot afford basic commodities and some medication for my ailment.

I feel government must fulfil its promises of assisting people who have been left exposed by the lockdown period. While we would want to stay in harmony with our tenants, the current situation is making it difficult because of rental issues. At least we have to meet halfway so that as landlords, we can also survive.

My husband died in 1980 leaving me with our children. Now government has just made my life worse as I cannot collect money from my tenants who have delayed on rental payments claiming they were being protected by government. Government is failing to protect its people…hunger will kill us.

The government recently issues SI 96 of 2020 barring property owners from evicting defaulters and postponing rental payments till the lockdown is over.

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