Govt Criticized For Ceding Its Responsibility For Citizens' Health

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Govt Criticized For Ceding Its Responsibility For Citizens' Health

The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) has condemned a government directive which compels businesses to test their employees for COVID-19 and citizens to wear a face mask or risk jail.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care announced that companies are now required to procure COVID-19 Rapid Test kits for themselves to ensure a speedy testing process.

CWGH Executive Director Itai Rusike told Health Times that the government should have put in place measures to ensure the services are available to citizens at subsidized rates or no cost at all. He said:

While significant national and international resources have been mobilised for COVID-19, the government is surprisingly now pushing the burden of COVID-19 response to individuals and companies to pay for the mandatory rapid testing and compulsory wearing of facemasks or face jail as per the draconian level 2 requirements.

The public and stakeholders should not be bystanders in these phased decisions, they need to be informed about the decisions and make sense of how to implement them, to plan for the pandemic and its impact on their own lives and work.

Rusike added that the government should have educated members of the public on the right use of face masks. He said:

… the effectiveness of cloth face masks was unclear, including whether their benefits outweigh their harms and if prolonged wearing increases the risk of acquisition of infection, and that they are used only with clear messages on how to safely put them on and remove them (not touching the outer surface), not touching your face/mask while wearing them, on how to clean them, disinfect and dispose of them and with emphasis on other measures, such as handwashing with soap.

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