Twimbos React To Energy Mutodi's Sacking

3 years ago
Thu, 21 May 2020 05:02:38 GMT
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Twimbos React To Energy Mutodi's Sacking

Zimbabwean on Twitter a.k.a Twimbos have reacted to President Mnangagwa’s decision to fire Information Ministry Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi. This is how Twimbos reacted to Mutodi’s employment contract termination:

I understand why people are celebrating Mutodi‘s fall but let’s remember it doesn’t change anything really. Yes nothing changes because that motormouth has been fired. – Patson Dzamara

The tweet and subsequent firing of Energy Mutodi is stage managed to distract the revolution and hoodwink the international community, in Zanupf standards if you are real fired, the cellphone, car & aides are disabled/withdrawn within 5 minutes @ProfJNMoyoNfanomkhulu 

Let’s disabuse ourselves from thinking Mutodi ws fired for this tweet,NO.If SB&Mutssvangwa had not prevailed against him,his boss would have promoted him for it.Human suffering&arrogance is their DNA.Mwari haadhakwi,vachapedzana nemiseve yavo – Dr K Bhasikiti

It was Obvious H.E ED wants results for the 2nd Republic and wld not keep twitter Ministers…Mutodi u were warned. Leave Twitter, SB-Chris Coalition and do your work. Manje rapera ..kkkkk Dzungu uchauwanepi mumwe mkana wakadai – Nehanda Nyakasikana

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I’ve just awakened to the news of Energy Mutodi getting fired.He is by far the most incompetent minister in the history of our country.I think If he doesn’t focus on music he will go down as the worst musician this country has ever seen. The whole system needs to be uninstalled – Richard Tsvangirai 

The Mutodi Saga = A dog chasing its tail. Even when the dog has bitten its tail it’s just playing with itself for its own pleasure and has no intention of taking its tail off and eating it. Nothing here to watch, let’s stay focussed. – Baynham Goredema 

Let me get this straight. So ZANUPF used the Covid19 to attack the MDC-ALLIANCE using @DMwonzoraas a proxy. The Alliance staged a protest. ZANUPF kidnapped and tortured protestors. International community was riled! ED fired@energymutod Did Mutodi order the Abductions? – Ingidzai Dzimati 

Folks getting excited over this news? Don’t be surprised when Mutodi bounces back with even more energy as chairman of a ‘Commision of Inquiry’ into the illegal parcelling out of stands by ‘land barons’ !Zanu munoiziva mushe here? Tsitsitsitsitsi – KingJayZim

he dismissal of Eneji Mutodi won’t change anything,it is like scooping up sand from Shangani river with a teaspoon & start bragging that the sand in Shangani river is FINISHED however it is minus one IDIOT while we wait for a similar replacement! Let us celebrate Chete! – LynneM

Our issue as Zimbabweans isn’t Energy Mutodi.Our problem is zanu pf. The cult is the one that must fall. Let’s unite and resist zanu pf project to give us Mwonzora and company as our leaders. They were rejected by the people. #ZanupfMustGoGibson Sithole Mhlaba

Ndombolitician is not the problem: Bad governance Lack of leadership Lack of respect for human rights & the law ZANU’s sense of entitlement A president who is illegitimate & doesn’t even know how to be a good leader Corrupt greedy gvt Those are our problems kwete Mutodi – Magumbo Fierce Lioness

Which career path would you suggest next for Mutodi, considering that ndombolo and politics did not work out? – Randomness 
Do not underestimate the power of social media. Tweets got Mutodi fired. United we can defeat Zanu pf y- Tendai Zinyama 
Mutodi was just a sacrificial lamb, majority of ministers tweet like him, look at @nickmangwanaand @Jamwanda2 The presidential spokesperson even tweeted porn by mistake the other time, Mutodi called Ndebeles foreigners long back and he wasn’t fired, #ZanupfMustGo #mutodi Dr Chris Kandeya
The firing of Energy Mutodi will never change our miserable lives for the better. Let’s Focus! #ZanupfMustGoSimbarashe Zarura
If this isn’t part of some grand attention diverting scheme, its factionalism at play. #Mutodi was never supposed to be a MP. #Mutodi was never supposed to be a Dep Minister. #Mutodi was never supposed to occupy that office this long. We need to focus! – Davis Laque 



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