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Returnee Speaks Of Her Experiences On FastJet Flight From Jo'burg To Harare

3 years agoSun, 31 May 2020 07:51:02 GMT
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Returnee Speaks Of Her Experiences On FastJet Flight From Jo'burg To Harare

FastJet Zimbabwe has begun the process of repatriating Zimbabwean citizens from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Harare during this lockdown period.

The airliner has released a statement about its flights with information for those who wish to apply for a flight back to Zimbabwe.

Below is the experience of a Zimbabwean citizen who returned home aboard a FastJet flight a few days ago:

Good morning everyone

Finally back on home soil! Currently sitting in the sun, reflecting on such good fortune 🙌🏾

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This is how things happened yesterday, to help guide future flights:

1. All made our way to the Zim Consulate and met with Desire, working with Fastjet. He read our names from a list and we gave him our completed Port Health forms as he made copies for the government and gave us back our copies. Loaded the bus and went to the airport.

Please ensure you use the surgical type masks from the time you arrive at the consulate until you are off the plane in Harare. The cloth masks are disregarded at this point. We got lucky there was someone on the bus with a whole box so those without were covered – teamwork is huge with Zimbos!

2. Arrive at the airport, stay on the bus as they take our luggage outside the bus. Stand by all your bags as the dogs sniff them. Take bags and start heading into the check-in area

3. As you enter the airport doors, officials take your port health form and your passport to check the 2 against each other and take details. Temperature is taken then you head to the check-in point

4. Passport brought back to you while you wait in line, social distancing all the way, check-in luggage. They sanitized the counter after each person checked in. There was a guy whose sole job was to spray spray spray!

5. Head to the boarding gate, social distancing observed throughout, wait to get on the plane. Lovely crew, we sat with seats skipped between us to observe social distancing. Received bottled water, appreciated.

6. In flight, handed a form to complete for the Zim side documenting travel history in the last 3 weeks I think, and such details. On arrival in Harare, the temperature is taken as you walk in.

7. Complete more forms, much the same type of info, and asked where you will be going to quarantine. If going into government, they wrote that on your firm as you check-in past immigration so they can allocate.

8. Collect your luggage and wait for everyone to meet. Officials address with next steps, those with private accommodation arranged are taken to their places. Those in government quarantine – same. I opted for government quarantine and prayed for weeks that it would be manageable -will follow up with comments on this after the process.

9. No actual test was performed at the airport, it was the only temperature. Even upon arrival at government quarantine, no test. We had a Zincat escort ahead of us from the airport, put on a bus. They were expecting us so staff and rooms were ready to receive us.

Gave names and passport numbers, escorted to rooms and dinner was brought to our rooms. Each has their own room and own bathroom, 3 meals a day, wifi and really nice staff and police guarding outside… good fortune!

10. A nurse will come daily to take temperature and check for symptoms. The test I believe on day 8. We can stand on the balcony but masks on all the time and the preference is for us to remain in our rooms. Had a good night’s sleep.

Unsure process with those in private quarantine upon arrival and beyond, but will check in with someone there. It will be over soon!



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