Bulawayo Tap Water Unsafe To Drink The First Few Minutes After A Lengthy Water Cut - Report

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Bulawayo Tap Water Unsafe To Drink The First Few Minutes After A Lengthy Water Cut - Report

Tap water from Bulawayo is unsafe to drink the first few minutes after a length water cut, Bulawayo residents have confirmed as many of them complained of Diahorrea after drinking the dirty water, The Chronicle reports.

Medical experts have already warned members of the the public to allow contaminated and rusty water to flow out before they can use it for oral consumption as people complained they developed the symptoms after drinking the water.

Mr Nguluve a resident from Old Luveve spoke to the publication and said;

I had a problem with my stomach last Monday and started suffering from diarrhoea. This persisted for a while and before weekend my wife complained of the same issues.

On explaining to my neighbours, I was surprised to learn that they were having the same problem. There has been an outbreak of diarrhoea in Luveve suburb and we can safely link it to the water we are drinking.

Other residents shared similar experiences with the publication and said:

Since we have water challenges, we usually drink water without boiling when supply is restored. Water is usually cut for three continuous days and when we drink it, we develop diarrhoea which has been going on for a month or so until we went to Luveve Clinic.

My whole family was affected and though we recovered after taking medication, my wife is still at Mpilo Central Hospital. We had to take her there on Saturday as she was becoming weaker and to our surprise, we found fellow residents from Luveve presenting with the same symptoms. – Mr Smanga Ncube

I was alarmed when I received group WhatsApp messages from neighbouring suburbs of New Luveve and Luveve 5 alerting me of the diarrhoea problem my peers were also facing there. We surely need help because we know that it is definitely coming from the water. Sometimes the water will be smelly and we wonder what can be done – Ms Eugen Nleya

When contacted for comment BCC Health Director Dr Edwin Sibanda said Bulawayo residents who didn’t have a culture of Boiling water, must start to boil water now since the city is facing a water shortage crisis:

The correct thing is they should collect the water but not drink it. They may keep it for a while and boil it before drinking it. As Bulawayo residents we do not have the culture of boiling water as our water is safe which then becomes a challenge when we have a crisis like this

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