Clever Malayitshas Come Up With Another Way To Serve Their Customers

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Clever Malayitshas Come Up With Another Way To Serve Their Customers

Cross Border Couriers have come up with yet another plan to serve their customers after the government turned a deaf ear on their request to allow them to operate during the lockdown, New Zimbabwe reports.

According to malaitshas that spoke to the publication, the couriers are collaborating to hire a truck to bring them their customers’ wares to Zimbabwe and they just deliver them. They are however complaining about the exorbitant duty they have to pay the taxman and they are still appealing to the government to allow them to operate.

Zimbabwe Community in South Africa Spokesperson Bongani Mkwananzi said:

We know there is a food crisis in Zimbabwe where most of our compatriots here are bread winners and they are always sending food back home.

But now some Omalayitsha have syndicated to hire a truck and try to combine their efforts to serve our community here. Unfortunately, the reports we are getting from the Zimbabwean side are that the Zimra officials are overcharging duty.

It becomes difficult for Omalayitsha to proceed with those food items to the beneficiaries.

We are surprised and concerned that during this state of lockdown with food shortage in general in the country, we find our own government is the one which inhibits the crossing of food into the country.

We call upon government to act on this and we are told as well that there is a tendency at the border post for some characters who stop the movement by soliciting for bribes and that level of corruption is making it difficult for food to pass.

We hope the government will look into it because it is important that people are kept fed in these difficult times.

ZIMRA, when contacted for comment, said there will be no special exemptions or permits for omalayitshas and duty on goods to be imported into the country must be paid in full.

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