Zimbabweans React To The Suspension Of EcoCash, OneMoney & TeleCash

3 years agoFri, 26 Jun 2020 19:23:08 GMT
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Zimbabweans React To The Suspension Of EcoCash, OneMoney & TeleCash

Following a statement by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Ndavaningi Mangwana, announcing the suspension of phone-based mobile money platforms, Zimbabweans have taken to Twitter to express their views on the development.

Below are some of the comments gleaned from the microblogging site:

Happi Zengeni: Oh oh… And so it starts

Shingi Munyeza: DOLLARIZATION NOW FULLY IMPLEMENTED 1. This happens when your only tool available is a hammer 2. It’s a situation when the image in the mirror is unpleasant, then you break the mirror 3. It’s the kettle calling the pot black “THE SITUATION IN THE COUNTRY HAS REACHED ANOTHER LEVEL”

Tendai Biti: Pure rank madness by a deranged paranoid clueless regime !!! The worst government in the history of governments!

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Kuda Freshinabox.co.zw: These lying frauds let us all transact with Ecocash knowing that we would be frozen.

Ali Naka: Dear Mthuli Ncube and George Guvamatanga! Aren’t you supposed to be issuing these statements?

Makomborero Haruzivishe: Strive Masiyiwa: “ED is sincere.” Zimbabweans: “Masiyiwa stop getting cosy with ZanuPf.” ED’s ZanuPf: “Ban Ecocash!” This comrades, coupled with recent political happenings now requires fewer press statements & more street action statements!

Fadzayi Mahere: This statement has no force of law in any case. Without the backing of a valid legal instrument, it’s hot air. That said, if it’s a foreboding of what’s to come, your Govt will have shown yet again a huge capacity to destroy property rights. You cannot be trusted with anything.

Hopewell Chin’ono: More drama as mobile money transactions are suspended immediately as Mnangagwa’s regime attempts to control the exchange rate! This will simply stop the economy from working. The regime should implement Political Reforms that will fix the economy through production, not this!

Alex Magaisa: The Mnangagwa regime has issued a decree banning the use of mobile money & the stock market. A garrulous statement by Secretary Mangwana reads like a criminal charge-sheet. It’s thrown the kitchen sink at mobile money companies with EcoCash as the principal target.

Jonathan Moyo: Information secretary @nickmangwana has issued a rambling & politicidal statement that Mnangagwa’s administration has suspended mobile phone based monetary transactions. That the emotional statement has come from @nickmangwana & not monetary authorities shows its desperate times!

Uncle D: Mobile money is not the cause of inflation. Remember Ecocash was not yet launched when inflation hit reached more than 10 000 000% in 2008. Disastrous political and economic policies, financial imprudence and corruption are to blame for all this.

Prosper Mwedzi: So the gvt thinks that apart from basic commodities queues they want to also add cash queues in the middle of a global pandemic. Who actually sits down to think about these policies-this gvt has run out of ideas and public will eventually run out of patience.



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