Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Condemns Arrest Of Striking Nurses

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Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Condemns Arrest Of Striking Nurses

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CZC) has condemned the arrest of 13 nurses at Sally Mugabe Hospital, formerly Harare Hospital, on Monday following a peaceful protest over poor salaries.

Below is CZC’s statement in full:

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CZC) condemns the arrest of striking nurses at Harare Hospital today. We are not surprised by this action of the government of Zimbabwe; we know too well it is in the DNA of the Zimbabwean administration to behave in this manner.

The behaviour of this government is the utmost violation of the freedom of association and infringes on the overall rights and trade union rights.

The problems of Zimbabwe will never be resolved through arrests, violence and intimidation. We demand their unconditional and immediate release.

The arrests only confirm of a worsening situation and closure of democratic space and strengthen the case that Zimbabwe remains a country at risk.

We call on the entire trade union movement to mobilise and support the healthcare workers. Nurses, like any other public servants, are facing hunger and starvation in this COVID-19 lockdown and are expected to be at the forefront in the fight against this global pandemic.  How can they take such a huge risk to serve the nation while their own families are starving?

We reiterate our call to the government of Zimbabwe to expedite negotiations with the workers, who are on strike and accede to their reasonable demands.

It cannot be business as usual when these violations continue, SADC cannot ignore this continued infringement of freedoms and rights of Zimbabweans. We call upon SADC to intervene immediately, meaningfully with sustainable solutions for Zimbabwe.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition



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