"It's Not About The Ordinary People," - Defence Deputy Minister On 31st July Protest

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"It's Not About The Ordinary People," - Defence Deputy Minister On 31st July Protest

ZANU PF political commissar Victor Matemadanda has said the planned 31st July protest is not meant to champion the ordinary people’s cause.

He further claimed that the planners of the protest were funded to provoke the government and spread the coronavirus. The deputy minister of Defence said:

We know that they (opposition) have been given more than US$300 000 to sustain the planned demonstration and obviously they are being encouraged to break the law against COVID regulations.

Why this is being done, it is not because people are concerned about the ordinary people, but they are trying to bring a narrative first to see how the government is going to react to the demonstrators and obviously cry about the disregard of human rights.

Zimbabweans should know that those who are funding these demonstrations are worried about why Covid has not killed people in Zimbabwe.

And the information that we have got is that they are trying to get firing of tear gas and we are reliably informed that they also have some canisters containing Covid-19 active material they hope to spread Covid to the Zimbabweans.

The protests have been endorsed by a number of political actors including opposition MDC Alliance, Pachedu, Temba Mliswa, Jacob Ngarivhume and Tsenegamu led FEEZ.

The protest which comes a day before the anniversary of August 1 shootings is expected to force the government to uphold good governance and human rights.

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