ZINWA In A 1979% Mtshabezi Dam Raw Water Tariffs Hike

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ZINWA In A 1979% Mtshabezi Dam Raw Water Tariffs Hike

ZINWA has reportedly hiked water tariffs for raw water drawn from Mtshabezi Dam one of the only 3 operational water sources for Bulawayo by 1979%, Sunday News reports. The water tariffs went up from $0.29 per kilometre to $6.18 per kiloliter.

This was revealed in a letter from ZINWA which reads in part:

Please be advised that the raw water tariff for Mtshabezi water will be reviewed to $6,18 per kilolitre . . . this has been necessitated by the general increase in prices with particular reference to electricity and spares for repairs and maintenance. The tariff will be reviewed after three months, if there are substantial movements of prices of critical inputs

In light of the development, the council is also considering increasing tariffs to residents who receive water from the dam in order to minimise making a loss. This was revealed in a report by the council which stated that:

When council supplies water to Zinwa, it would have added value to it such as treating and pumping. Thus, council’s value addition should be over and above the cost of purchasing raw water. This talks to the need for council to review all its tariffs as costs keep increasing.

If council is getting Mtshabezi raw water and pumping it to Mbalabala Barracks, it is incurring a loss of $4,55 per kilolitre. The loss suffered by council for raw water billed to Mbalabala Barracks in March and April 2020 amounts to $317 035.

ZINWA manages the entire country’s water bodies. Bulawayo residents are enduring a 144 hours water-shedding routine as the city battles to provide water to all residents at the same time due to a number of reasons.

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