FULL TEXT: We Will Fight This Injustice - EFF Zimbabwe On The Government's Decision To Compensate Commercial Farmers

3 years agoThu, 03 Sep 2020 08:37:26 GMT
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FULL TEXT: We Will Fight This Injustice - EFF Zimbabwe On The Government's Decision To Compensate Commercial Farmers

EFF has released the following statement in which they vow to fight the government on its decision to compensate former commercial farmers and called the government’s decision a treasonous act of betrayal of our people. Read the Full statement below:

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


On the 30th of July 2020, EFF Zimbabwe issued a statement strongly condemning the Zimbabwean
government’s decision to compensate former White Farmers. We knew it then that the Zimbabwe
government had sold out the souls and the blood of the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe
who fought the war to liberate our country from the calamities of colonialism. Yesterday, the
government of Zimbabwe confirmed that it has indeed sold out the land of our ancestors to the
former colonial masters.

EFF Zimbabwe is horrified by this treasonous act of betrayal of our people by the Zimbabwean
government which has effectively and verifiably reversed the agrarian land reform program.
Zimbabweans fought a war for the restoration of their land and their dignity and now the
Zimbabwean government has stripped our people off their land and dignity. Those who violently
took the land from our forbearers more than a century ago, benefitted from it through cheap labor
and exploitation have now been given the land back by the Zimbabwean government.

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Why is the government giving back our land to the former White Farmers who about a century ago
forcefully and fraudulently displaced our forbearers? Were they not the beneficiaries of stolen
property in the first place? Our ancestors were violently removed from their land by the White
Settlers. Who is going to compensate the loss our ancestors suffered? Our forbearers had structures
on their land and their structures were burnt down and destroyed when our land was stolen by the
invading thieves.

The Zimbabwe government has sold out the entire generation of our people – consequently the
generations to come too. There is no greater treachery than this. As EFF Zimbabwe we condemn this
treachery in the strongest possible terms. We will use whatever is at our disposal to fight this
historical mistake and racial injustice. The government of Zimbabwe must make no mistake about
this, we will fight this injustice by every means possible until justice prevails.

We promise the people of Zimbabwe that, we will be with them in this fight all the way until victory
is achieved. We cannot allow the former white farmers sponsored by rogue elements of the
Zimbabwean government to defecate and urinate on the graves of our forefathers and those of our
fallen heroes who fought and died for this land. We demand that the government of Zimbabwe
reverses this treasonous decision and flush down the toilet this so-called Global Compensation
Deed. The agreement is not worth the paper it is written on.

As the Economic Freedom Fighters of Zimbabwe, expropriation of land without compensation is one
of our cardinal pillars and we will defend it tooth and nail, blood and sweat, limb and spirit. We
declare that the land is for the indigenous people of Zimbabwe and will remain so forever until our
ancestors decide otherwise.
Yonke Indawo EFF!!!
Kwese Kwese EFF!!!
Everywhere EFF!!!




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