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Kombis Remain Banned In Urban Areas

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Kombis Remain Banned In Urban Areas

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo has reiterated Government stance on the return of privately-owned kombis in urban areas.

Responding to parliamentarians during last Wednesday’s National Assembly’s Question and Answer session, Moyo said the door is still shut for privately-owned urban Kombi operators.

He said Government was remodelling the urban transport sector to make it more organised and Kombi operators who want to have their Kombis on the road should register their vehicles under the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) franchise. Said Moyo:

It is indeed Government policy to rationalise the urban transport system and the choice of Zupco is not to create a monopoly at the exclusion of other operators.

That is why every operator has been given an opportunity with their vehicles, buses or commuter omnibus to register with Zupco so that we can make sure that the routes are well marked and we can rationalise everywhere in the urban centres.

When it comes to the inter-city which is the responsibility of the Minister of Transport, he can answer that part of it. We are clear what we want to achieve is a rationalised urban transport system in this country.

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