7 Reasons Tenants and Landlords Need Split Prepaid Electricity Meters

2 years ago
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 18:58:24 GMT
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7 Reasons Tenants and Landlords Need Split Prepaid Electricity Meters


Since we first posted an article about the split prepaid electricity meters a few weeks ago, there’s been an increased interest in this technology solution that allows landlords and tenants to separate their power consumption.

In this article, we go into the reasons one may want to use a split meter whether they are a tenant or the landlord. In fact, the solution is ideal for various settings such as regular homes, boarding facilities, industries, hospitals, hotels, and lodges among other cases.

Here are the reasons:

1. Responsible use of electricity

Split meters help you to save electricity as individuals will be more attentive to their individual consumption. It is easier to implement electricity-saving measures when you are not sharing, like switching off lights not in use, using stoves more responsibly. Everyone ends up paying less for electricity.


2. Fairness

You won’t buy electricity for others. Now you just budget for your own consumption and you use exactly that. It’s a major source of gripe when one feels that they are carrying others along who are not paying their true share of electricity they use.


3. Peace of mind when you’re away

With a split prepaid electricity meter, no one will use your electricity while you are at work or have traveled. Whatever your available electricity is showing on your split when you leave the property is what you find when you return. When the others finish their electricity, they’ll have to top up and will not touch your share.


4. No more uncomfortable meetings

Meetings to discuss that electricity has finished and everyone has to pool funds to buy Zesa are always uncomfortable as individuals feel that they are being treated unfairly. Split meters mean that these meetings don’t even have to happen as everyone is buying their Zesa separately.


5. The heavy user problem

One thing that makes people complain when consumption is being shared is the situation of people that naturally use more power but expect everyone to pay the same. For example, at a business premise, one business may be into welding, which uses more power. Other businesses, on the other hand, maybe doing regular office work which needs much less power. With split electricity meters, the high spenders pay more and there’s no discussion about it.


6. You can move houses with it

Sometimes tenants worry that if they leave a property, they may not be able to take the split meter with them to their new place. This is actually not a problem as split electricity meters are transferrable to a different place. When you move from a property, you can take it with you.


7. It doesn’t matter what your premise or building is like.

Split meters can be installed in any type of building or premises. Even if tenants are using a shared single building, a split meter can be used. So it’s ideal for shops, complexes or cottages. A split meter can even be installed for just the borehole whose water is shared by everyone.


One reliable company that provides split meters and services is Power Split Meters. The company can be contacted on WhatsApp number +263 777 556 864 or +263 779 136 276.



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