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Ginimbi's Spiritual Father On Magic Wealth, Death Prophecies

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Ginimbi's Spiritual Father On Magic Wealth, Death Prophecies

The late socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s “spiritual father,” Bishop Ismael Muzondo, has dismissed reports which suggest that the businessman got his wealth through magic.

Muzondo speaks as social media is awash with messages claiming that Ginimbi’s massive wealth came from black magic.

Speaking to NewZimbabwe, Muzondo echoed the remarks by both Ginimbi’s maid and business manager saying the 36-year-old was a hard worker. He said:

Ginimbi was a young man with courage who did not hesitate to take high risks in business investments; those high risks brought him profits and fortune.

That also created enemies among those who were jealous of his returns.

To most people who do not know him, Ginimbi was a very religious person who put his faith in God and sought blessings from the Lord hence his businesses prospered.

Unfortunately, we were supposed to have a prayer meeting on Sunday, but he passed away.

People make money in so many different ways. Some make money because they rob banks, some because they work hard, and others make money because they do not sleep, working hard.

For Ginimbi, he was one such a man who worked hard day and night and only played when it is necessary and made noise about it.

Muzodo said the trending prophecy about Ginimbi’s death was not from God adding that if it was from God, that message must have been delivered to Ginimbi to “allow him to position him, to prepare him and warn him. He added:

If that message was not delivered to him, but to someone else and it did not reach him, and then said it after his death, that message was not a message from God.

Ginimbi died on Sunday in a road accident after his Rolls Royce Wraith was involved in a head-on collision with a Honda Fit before veering off the road, hitting a tree and catching fire.

His burial is underway (this Saturday) at his Mansion in Domboshava, about 35 kilometers outside Harare.

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