Chief Maduna Must Be Declared National Hero - Mbuso Fuzwayo

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Chief Maduna Must Be Declared National Hero - Mbuso Fuzwayo

Ibhetshu LikaZulu secretary-general Mbuso Fuzwayo has urged the government to recognize the contribution made by the recently deceased Matabeleland Chief Vezi Maduna Mafu in fighting the colonialist and constantly fighting oppression and marginalisation and the government should declare him a national hero, CITE reports.

Speaking to the publication Fuzwayo praised the traditional chief who was recovering from a stroke he suffered in 2019 when he died this morning and said he was an honest man who stood by his people even during oppression by the Zanu PF administration:

Undoubtedly, he is a national hero. Maduna’s courageous leadership dates back to the days of the liberation against the settler regime, he led his people from the front against the Rhodesian government.

He remained unmoved by the threat on his life and the withdrawal of privileges by the Smith regime, his heroic acts inspired his people, surrounding areas and the nation at large to join the liberation struggle.

Chief Maduna stood again with his people against the present black Zanu PF government when it committed genocide against our countrymen. He never compromised his love for his people in exchange for seat at the table of the oppressor. He never betrayed the heroic acts of his forefathers but stood to prove that bravery flowed in his blood. His history is that of steadfast, honest, loyal and fair leadership.

His desire to see finality to the Gukurahundi genocide was evident in our several engagements. As Ibhetshu LikaZulu we commit to pick up the spear and struggle on. We believe as Chief Maduna did that true peace and reconciliation is central to national prosperity. We are gravely concerned that genocide survivors continue to depart while government prefers window dressing than victim centred solution of this national tragedy

It is still not clear if the government will take these recommendations into consideration given the fact that all divergent views are usually treated by the government as inspired by opposition parties.

Source: CITE




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