Chitungwiza Municipality Says Illegal Structures Won't Be Regularised

2 years ago
Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:51:01 GMT
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Chitungwiza Municipality Says Illegal Structures Won't Be Regularised

Chitungwiza Municipality has sternly warned members of the public against building structures in areas where it shares boundaries with Manyame Rural District Council.

In a statement this Sunday, the Municipality said people should not buy stands from some unscrupulous elements in the mistaken belief that such transactions shall be entertained or that such illegal developments shall be regularised by Council. The notice read:

Council notes with deep concern the increased attempts by some individuals to illegally occupy and develop stands within Chitungwiza Municipality on the pretext that their illegal structures will be regularised.

Members of the public are hereby advised as follows:

  1. Any occupation and development thereof of a stand without the express authority of Council is illegal and will be treated as such.
  2. The administration of land wholly rests with Council. No Housing Co-operative(s), individual or group has anything to do with land administration in the said areas. Please be warned that Council does not operate through agents.
  3. Allocation of stands to be offered to beneficiaries is only done after one has met the offer conditions. Upon meeting the conditions, one is then allowed to sign a lease agreement and then shown the stand only by Council officials.
  4. Permission to develop allocated stands by beneficiaries can only be granted after one has an approved building plan and every construction stage has to be inspected by Council.

NB: Please note that Council shall take appropriate action on all illegal structures within its area of jurisdiction and the illegal occupants risk losing their hard-earned investments and shall be prosecuted.

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