Zimbabwean Gay Couple Demands Gay Section In The Constitution Be Abolished

2 years ago
Mon, 01 Mar 2021 12:43:20 GMT
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Zimbabwean Gay Couple Demands Gay Section In The Constitution Be Abolished

A Zimbabwean gay couple has implored the government of Zimbabwe to abolish the Section in the constitution that criminalised same-sex relationships, The Zimbabwean reports.

According to the publication Elton Chibhebhe (23) and Shingirai Musekiwa (32) who are currently based in Cape Town fled Zimbabwe because they could not be free to live and love freely in their motherland.

The couple has turned to activism to implore the Zimbabwean government to repeal section 73 of the constitution that criminalises same-sex relationships. Using their activism vehicle branded Zimbabwe LGBTQ+ Crusader the gay couple said:

We are demanding that the section of the Zimbabwean Constitution that criminalise gay people be abolished. It doesn’t allow us to be who we are and to love one another.

The Zimbabwean gay couple also told the publication their stories, Musekiwa said he was disowned by his uncle a pastor who raised him since his parents died while he was still young when he came out:

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Instead of talking to me openly at home my uncle would say horrible things and attack me during his sermons. Fearing that the [Pentecostal] church may attack or report me to the police, I ran away

While Chibhebhe’s father is yet to accept his lifestyle even though his mother has accepted him for who he is:

Growing up, I used to think I am the only gay in Zimbabwe. Some of the gay people have confessed that they [only have] wives and children because the environment forced them.

The Zimbabwean gay couple which works as bartenders in Cape Town, has revealed that had to take in some people in their apartment who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic and they are currently housing 5 people at their apartment right now.

The issue of gays and lesbians is still a hot topic even on social media as many Zimbabweans are still to accept and or tolerate same-sex relationships.

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