Gun-totting Robber Found Hiding In Deep Freezer

2 years agoMon, 09 Aug 2021 11:21:42 GMT
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Gun-totting Robber Found Hiding In Deep Freezer

One of the suspected armed robbers who exchanged gunfire with police in Bulawayo on Saturday was found hiding in a deep freezer while trying to evade arrest, Sunday News reported on Monday.

Residents at Four Winds suburb said that they woke up to gunshots in the area that lasted for almost an hour.

A resident who witnessed the firefight said a gun-totting robber stumbled and fell when he was shot in her yard.

Residents watched in shock as the fleeing gunman shot at his pursuers until he ran out of ammunition. She said:

On Friday night, we had been told in the residents’ WhatsApp group by local police that there are suspicious cars moving about so we were on high alert.

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At about 6 am we started hearing gunshots and the battle seemed to last for a long time. Later on, my dogs started barking and I could tell that there was a suspicious movement so I went to peep outside.

I was shocked to see a man with a gun right next to our house.

The resident said she watched in horror as the robber exchanged fire with his pursuers. Added the resident:

He kept on firing until he ran out of bullets. Even when they had shot him, you could see gunfire in the air as he fired upwards.

He was very stubborn and even when they had apprehended him, he kept resisting.

By this time the whole neighbourhood was up and we went to the house where the robbery was to take place, the guys that were arrested kept saying that they had come from South Africa.

Another resident said one of the suspected robbers had been arrested in a neighbour’s house as he hid in a deep freezer. Said the resident:

My neighbour is reconstructing his kitchen so the kitchen has been partly demolished.

So, the robber went through there and then hid in the fridge. That is where they found him.

One suspected armed robber was killed on the scene, with two others injured while trying to flee.

The gang of six armed men believed to have travelled all the way from South Africa were involved in a dramatic early morning shoot-out with the police at Four Winds suburb in Bulawayo.

Police reportedly impounded two cars from the robbers, a Golf GTI and a Mark T, both with Zimbabwean number plates.

The owner of the house that had been targeted by the robbers said law enforcement officers had warned him that they had received intelligence that his house was a potential robbery target.

It is believed that the owner of the house is into mining businesses.

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