ZESA Issues Power Supply Update | FULL TEXT

2 years agoThu, 16 Sep 2021 15:44:51 GMT
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ZESA Issues Power Supply Update | FULL TEXT

ZESA Holdings’ electricity transmission unit, the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has issued an update on the electricity supply situation prevailing in the country after it published load shedding schedules last week.

Pindula News is publishing ZETDC’s power supply update below:

Pursuant to the publishing of Load shedding schedules, the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) wishes to advise its valued customers that it shall be releasing regular updates pertaining to load shedding and the power supply outlook.

This is in the interest of keeping our customers and stakeholders well informed for their planning purposes.

The Utility is pleased to advise of an improvement of generation at Hwange Power Station, after the return to service of unit number 5 on Monday, 13th September 2021. The unit has improved the station output by an additional 150MW.

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Power Supply Outlook

The total power supply currently available is ranging from 1240MW to 1600MW against an average demand forecast of about 1735MW.

This gives an average power deficit range of 145-500MW depending on imports availability and local generation performance.

The power supply gap is being managed through Load shedding in order to avert system collapse.

ZETDC is implementing a raft of interventions to mitigate load shedding and keep the lights on.

Amongst the many mitigation measures being taken to address this shortfall, the power utility is in discussions with power utilities in Mozambique and Zambia for a possible supply of 280MW beginning of October 2021.

The Winter wheat crop is now maturing and largely in the final stages of grain filling.
It is expected that the early planted crop is in the harvesting stage, leaving only the late-planted crop being anticipated to be irrigated in the month of October.

Hence the power utility is expecting a significant reduction (+/-75MW) in irrigation load by end of October 2021.

An additional 60.5MW from internal thermal and solar Independent Power Producers (IPPs) projects is also expected to be added to the national grid by end of December 2021.

Generator number 1 at Kariba (125MW) which has been on annual maintenance since 13 August 2021, is expected to be back in service on the 24th of September 2021.

Whilst generator number 6 at Hwange Power Station which was taken out due to boiler tube leaks is expected to return to service on 23 September 2021.

A total of 270MW is therefore expected to be available from the two machines that are currently out of service by the end of the month.

It is imperative to indicate that priority is being given to the productive sector and the power utility is working round the clock to minimize disruptions to its valued customers and ensure the security of electricity supplies.

Customers are being encouraged to use the available power sparingly and engage in Demand Side Management (DSM) initiatives.

DSM Initiatives

The following are some of the initiatives that customers are encouraged to deploy;

a) Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms.

b) Use natural lighting where possible.

c) Use motion sensors in areas where you only need them when people are in the area.

d) Replace all ordinary bulbs with LED bulbs.

e) Match pots and pans with stove plates to ensure maximum heat transfer and reduce heat losses.

f) Use cooking utensils with flat bottoms to increase the surface area for heat transfer thus reducing cooking time.

g) Keep oven doors closed until the food is fully cooked.

h) Ensure your Geyser thermostat is set at 65°C.

i) Install Geyser time switch to switch on your geyser at 0300 hours and switch it off at 0500 hours.

j) Use an electric kettle to boil water as opposed to the use of a pot on the stove.

ZETDC would like to assure its valued customers that the power utility is doing everything possible to improve reliability and continuity of supplies at all times.

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