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Gokwe Chief Accused Of "Stealing" People's Properties

2 years agoTue, 28 Sep 2021 07:59:36 GMT
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Gokwe Chief Accused Of "Stealing" People's Properties

Chief Chireya from the Gokwe Chireya area has been accused of stealing from his subjects under the guise of taking fines for various offences.

Reports suggest that several people in the area have fallen victim but some are afraid to speak out.

In one of the cases that has seen the traditional leader being dragged to the Civil Court, Chief Chireya whose born name is Henry Chidzivo reportedly sent his lieutenants to the homestead of one Andrew Teteniwhere they took his properties.

Teteni told Pindula News that the delegation that was constituted of the Chief’s security officer Mr Fannie Baregava, who is also a constable neighbourhood watch; Mr Jethro Chidzivo, Mr Thomas Madomasi, and Mr George, came without any document authorising them to take his properties. Teteni told this reporter:

They took 4 cattle,  1 scotch cart, 2 dogs, 2 tyres, 1 trek chain, 1 york and a 500g surf sachet.

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They threatened me with banishment, and I eventually left the homestead. They also kidnapped my 16-year-old nephew (name provided) and dumped him 7 kilometers from home. He was in bad shape when he came back home at night. 

Teteni added that he later reported the matter to the police at Chireya police station and he was told to check with the Chief suggesting there could be a case. 

He went to see the Chief on the 27th of November 2020 and the traditional leader reportedly said he was not aware of the development. 

Ironically, the Chief handed him a letter he was supposed to give to one Tavona Hove ordering him to stop selling Teteni’s properties.

The letter was also summoning him to the Chief’s court on 29 November 2020.

On his way from the Chief Chireya’s homestead, Teteni passed through Chireya Mission where he had heard that the Chief’s lieutenants were selling cattle.

When he arrived, Fannie Baregava (who was wearing a police uniform), Thomas Madomasi, and Tavona Hove, who were allegedly selling cattle were already gone and Teteni believes the Chief had warned them that he was coming. They reportedly drove the cattle towards the mountains. He added:

I went back to the police but they said they will not be involved in stock matters. I asked if it was legal for my cattle to be taken without any written document authorising them and the police said the Chief can do that.

He went back to the Chief’s court on the 29th of November where he was notified that his 16-year-old son (name provided) had committed adultery with Tavona Hove’s 45-year-old wife, Margaret Tsangadzaoma.

The Chief’s security, Baregava, told this reporter that Teteni was summoned to court but did not show up and a default judgement was given in favour of Tavona Hove. He claimed:

Ndini ndakanosevha maSummons acho asi haana kuuya kuCourt. [I’m the one who served him with the summons to the court but he did not come].

Teteni refuted Baregava’s claims adding “why would I not attend the court if I have seen the summons?” He added:

That’s where theft begins. They lie that an individual has refused to attend court and issue a bogus default judgment.

On 29 November 2020 where Teteni was informed of the case, he requested that the matter be heard again and the Chief agreed upon payment of US$50. He was told to come back on the 13th of December 2020.

On the 2nd of December 2020, Teteni went back to the Chief intending to be issued with an LC4 form and other documents relevant to the matter. The judgement was written on the LC4 form after his request yet his properties had already been seized on 26 November 2020.

The LC4 form also stated that Teteni had to pay a herd of five (5) cattle and 2 goats, yet, the recovery team took 4 cattle, a scotch cart,  2 dogs, 2 tyres, 1 trek chain, one york and a 500g surf sachet.

On the 13th of December, 2020, Teteni and his son went back to the Chief’s Court where Hove failed to present evidence against Teteni. 

The court deferred judgment to the 20th of December 2020 but Tavona Hove and his wife did not show up as they had reportedly fled on the 16th of December 2020.

The Chief ordered that Teteni must be given his Scotch cart back but shockingly withheld the cattle and other properties despite claiming earlier that the properties were safe with him.

Teteni then approached the Civil Court on 21 July 2021 where it was ordered that Teteni must be given back everything taken from him. He is yet to be given his properties.

Efforts to get a comment from the Chief were fruitless as this reporter’s calls were being rejected. The Chief’s Secretary, Chenjerayi Chidzivo refused to entertain questions on court matters.

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