Reserve Money At The RBZ As Of 22 October 2021

1 year ago
Tue, 02 Nov 2021 15:10:01 GMT
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Reserve Money At The RBZ As Of 22 October 2021

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) recorded a decrease in Reserve Money as of the week ending 22 October 2021 reflecting a decrease in banks’ liquidity at the RBZ.

In the RBZ’s previous report for the week that ended on 22 October 2021, Reserve Money had increased by ZW$599.62 million to ZW$26.71 billion.

Pindula News presents the central bank’s statement on the status of Reserve Money for the week ending 22nd October 2021.

1. Reserve money increased by ZW$599.62 million to ZW$26.71 billion during the week ending 22nd October 2021, compared to the previous week’s position of ZW$26.11 billion.

2. The increase in reserve money largely reflected increases of ZW$604.42 million and ZW$16.97 million in banks’ liquidity (RTGS balances) at the Central Bank and currency issued, respectively. Partially offsetting the increase was a decrease of ZW$21.77 million in required reserves.

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