Be Wary Of Greeks Bearing Gifts - Alex Magaisa

1 year agoSat, 05 Mar 2022 08:58:15 GMT
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Be Wary Of Greeks Bearing Gifts - Alex Magaisa

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, a law lecturer in the United Kingdom, has discussed the Trojan Horse theory, prompting some to believe he was warning opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) against accepting Thokozani Khupe in the party.

Magaisa, a former Chief of Staff in the office of a former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, speaks amid disagreements in the CCC over whether to have a coalition with Khupe who was recently fired from the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora.

Some say Khupe, once Tsvangirai’s deputy and a former Deputy Prime Minister, cannot be trusted since she “joined hands with the ruling ZANU PF” to dismantle MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa. Some say she has a lot to contribute adding that many former ZANU PF members have been admitted into the party in the past.

Magaisa says things regarded as Trojan Horses are weapons disguised as gifts. Pindula News presents Magaisa’s remarks below:

Trojan Horse

1. “Be wary of Greeks bearing gifts” The adage originates from a legend in Greek mythology. The legend is drawn from a tale in Homer’s famous poem, The Iliad which describes the end of a long-drawn war between the Greeks and the Trojans in ancient times. The lesson is timeless.

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2. The war had been going on for nearly a decade with the Greeks laying siege upon Troy, the of the Trojans, but to no avail. With both sides exhausted, the Greeks built a large wooden horse, which they left at the gates of Troy, seemingly as a peace offering.

3. The Greeks appeared to sail away in retreat. When the Trojans saw the wooden horse, they thought it was a sign of surrender & a peace offering. They opened the gates of their city and took the horse inside and celebrations began. After all, the war was over, wasn’t it?

4. But the Trojans didn’t know it was a trick. Greek soldiers were hiding inside the belly of the large wooden horse. And by bringing it into their city, the Trojans had allowed their bitter enemy inside. And the Greeks had entered the Trojans’ citadel without even fighting.

5. So as the Trojans dropped their guard, the Greek soldiers came out of the horse and opened the gates of Troy to allow in their compatriots who were lurking outside. They entered Troy and won an easy victory. According to the legend, that is how the Trojans were defeated.

6. Over time, when something was referred to as “a Trojan Horse”, it was because it was a weapon that was disguised as a gift. The Roman poet, Virgil is credited with coining the phrase, “Be wary of Greeks bearing gifts” in his account of the legend of the Trojan War.

7. When people say beware of the Greeks bearing gifts, they are warning you to be careful because sometimes things that are presented as gifts can turn out to be your greatest undoing. Not everything that glitters is gold. Observe carefully who the promoters of that gift are.

8. There will be offers of gifts and it’s hard to resist the allure. But these gifts may also be weapons in disguise. You cannot afford to behave like the Trojans. Before you bring the horse through the city gates, be sure that it is not carrying the opponent’s troops inside.


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