"Don't Answer High-Speed Chase Challenges", Mzembi Warns CCC

1 year ago
Sat, 27 Aug 2022 11:09:26 GMT
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"Don't Answer High-Speed Chase Challenges", Mzembi Warns CCC

Self-exiled former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi has warned opposition leaders against being lured into high-speed challenges by ZANU PF activists and suspected State agents saying they may become victims of “accident traps.”

Posting on Twitter, Mzembi advised opposition activists to emulate war of liberation era nationalists who did not publicise their movements but rather operated secretively. Wrote Mzembi:

A security precaution and alert in this campaign season!

Don’t answer High-Speed Chase Challenges or be frightened or prompted into them, those are accidents and death traps, even some of the best movie actors succumbed to these Rural Roads death traps.

Cut out the drama. If you are being sought don’t be anticipated or do the obvious, this is the guerrilla response of “banned” movements.

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This is how the Nationalists themselves responded. The system wants to see your “structures” but instead, do underground cells.

I was forever threatened in Masvingo politics, sometimes with the assistance of CDF Chiwenga himself for which I thank him.

I changed routes, jumped into buses arrived in Harare through Mutare or Gweru, if you do peacock arrivals you are game!

Early Nationalists like Joshua Nkomo had the fame “yekunyangarika“, do you really think it was that mysterious? No!

It was a product of secretive and elaborate planning of movement and sudden appearances and disappearances. You have to change your approach.

Mzembi’s remarks come after CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s convoy was reportedly attacked by suspected ZANU PF supporters in Mashonaland East province early this week.

Chamisa’s convoy was reportedly attacked when he made a surprise visit to Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe (UMP), traditionally known as a ZANU PF stronghold.

The CCC leader’s convoy was also reportedly involved in a high-speed chase with ZANU PF activists during a recent visit to Gokwe-Kabuyuni.



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