"Indecisive And Unfocused" Zim Opposition Cannot Win Power - Mliswa

12 months agoSat, 03 Dec 2022 11:15:12 GMT
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"Indecisive And Unfocused" Zim Opposition Cannot Win Power - Mliswa

Independent MP, Temba Mliswa (Norton), has challenged the opposition to be consistent and show decisive leadership if it truly habours ambitions of forming the next government.

Mliswa said the opposition has over the years changed its position on important issues that affect the nation such as land reform, sanctions, and power-sharing. He said:

The opposition is failing to be a veritable alternative as it continues dithering over issues exhibiting a lack of consistency and focus.

One day they stand for one thing and the next they are lamenting or denying alignment with the same. How can they get into power?

On Land Reform, they refused to participate saying it’s a [ZANU PF] thing. They attacked us for getting land.

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Today they are struggling and trying to find land for agricultural business. Have they changed their position or what? Now they say it was good!

They said Mugabe was illegitimate and yet still went into a GNU with him as the head. The same with ED. They walked out and protested accusing him of being illegitimate.

Yet today they are accepting the benefits and perks from his tenure and leadership.

Today they say we never called for sanctions and disavow any links to them. Yet at their pronouncement they celebrated them as an international political masterstroke against the Govt.

Now they deny any links to them. Where do they stand then? Leadership requires decisiveness.

[Douglas Mwonzora] carried out a purging campaign recalling their MPs& Councilors and they cried foul. I raised a motion to have Section 129(1)(k) under which recalls happen & they didn’t support it.

Only Hon Mushoriwa debated. Yet it affected them not me. So what do they want?

Today Gvt offers loans and they accept them yet their leader says something else different. This is despite that he himself has received equivalent perks during the Mugabe tenure.

Instead of supporting us, he goes against us, succumbing to ill-informed mob pressure.

In this medley of contradictions, fluctuations and dissonance, it’s apparent that the opposition isn’t providing a cohesive front nor is it giving the electorate confidence.

You cannot be constantly swayed by public pressure to accept impractical things. Show some spine!

I’m my own person and will support anything that is progressive and developmental. It doesn’t matter if it’s [ZANU PF] or [CCC] who have said it or done it. The path of principles remains true and straight in whatever form or nature.

Equally, populism is dangerous. You cannot have a whole party subsisting on the euphoria and energy of populism.

It’s not a veritable foundation to claim power on. In fact, populism, like a wave, will subside and people will want to see substance and focus not drama.

Nelson Chamisa] succumbed to public pressure and went against his own MPs but in doing so contradicted his own past actions.

That’s not a spine for leadership. Stick to the truth even against the masses. Truth and time will exonerate and justify you.



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