South Africa: Update On Story Of 10 Thembisa Babies (Decuplets)

8 months ago
Mon, 02 Jan 2023 06:40:15 GMT
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South Africa: Update On Story Of 10 Thembisa Babies (Decuplets)

South Africa’s Acting Public Protector, Kholeka Gcaleka, has said no evidence was found to support claims that a woman from Thembisa gave birth to 10 babies in June 2022.

Media was awash with the story of Gosiame Sithole who claimed to have given birth to ten babies at Thembisa Hospital, a development that could have seen her breaking a Guinness World Record.

Acting Public Protector Kholeka Gcaleka has since published a detailed 57-page report following a complaint made by the man claiming to be the children’s father.

Gcaleka’s report highlights several factual contradictions in the story, according to eNCA News.

Most notably, there was no medical evidence to prove Sithole was pregnant or that she had delivered decuplets.

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Pretoria News initially reported on the story, but the Gauteng Health Department refuted their claims.

It revealed that none of the province’s facilities had any record of the births.

Independent Media’s editor Piet Rampedi continues to insist the story is true, even going as far as claiming the babies were trafficked. Last year, Pindula News summarised and posted Independent Media’s findings:

1). Gosiame Thamara Sithole was admitted to Steve Biko Academic Hospital on Monday, June 7, 2021.

2). She was admitted late in the morning and taken to the maternity ward.

3). At 6 pm or thereabouts, a group of four doctors and two nurses attended to Sithole.

4). Sithole gave birth to five babies via vaginal delivery. Doctors then proceeded to do a Caesarian section and delivered the remaining five babies.

5). Independent Media can confirm that Sithole was at Steve Biko Academic Hospital from June 7 until Friday, June 11.

6). Independent Media can confirm that Sithole was transferred to the lodgers’ section on Thursday. She was not provided with food except for bread and tea in the mornings. She was provided with no medical or psychological assistance.

Added the organisation:

7). This information is corroborated by several independent sources, including staff at Steve Biko Academic Hospital._

8). Considering our findings, Independent Media calls for an urgent investigation into the actions and statements of the CEO of Steve Biko Academic Hospital Dr Mathebula; the Gauteng Provincial government, and the Gauteng Health MEC, Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi with respect to the birth of the decuplets.

Independent Media demanded answers from Dr Mathebula, Gauteng Premier Mr David Makhura and Ms Mokgethi on the following questions:

1). Did they know that Gosiame Thamara Sithole was admitted at Steve Biko Academic Hospital on 7 June 2021 and had given birth that evening?

2). Do they have details of the operational set-up for the delivery, and can they share the names of the specialists and doctors who attended to the birth?

3). Can they share details of what extraordinary measures would have been taken to ensure the safety of the mother and the multiple babies?

4). Can they share information about the whereabouts of the doctors who attended the birth?

5). Why did they not disclose that the births did in fact take place at Steve Biko Academic Hospital?

6). What is their response to allegations from staff at Steve Biko Academic Hospital that they were threatened into not revealing any information about the births?

7). What is their response to allegations that the hospital was wholly unprepared for this unprecedented birth?

8). Can they confirm the number of doctors, neonatal staff, paediatricians, that attended the birth to take care of the health of the mother as well as the decuplets?

9). Can they respond to information we have that there were not enough functional incubators at the time of the birth?

10). Can they let us know where the babies are and their state of health?

Independent Media said it was beyond shocked at the treatment meted out to Sithole. Added the organisation:

i). She was given no food, no support, no post-natal medical care, and no counselling after an unprecedented birth. Any birth can be difficult, but that of delivering 10 babies is exceptional and should have been suitably prepared for.

ii). Worse still, Ms Sithole was pressured by hospital authorities to say she was not at Steve Biko Hospital. Ms Sithole has suffered trauma and shock – physical and psychological – following her treatment at the hands of both hospital and government authorities.

Independent Media also called upon the national government to make full disclosure around these matters and for the hospital to tell the public what has happened to the babies suggesting there has been extreme medical negligence.

The organisation further argues that instead of looking out for the wellbeing of the mother and the decuplets, they have focused all their attention on discrediting Mr Piet Rampedi (Editor) and Independent Media.

In so doing, they have unquestionably supported what appears to be a cover-up of mammoth proportions.

Some medical practitioners say it could have been a matter of pseudocyesis or false pregnancy which is when a person believes they are pregnant when they are not. It’s also called a phantom pregnancy. With pseudocyesis, a person has pregnancy symptoms and feels pregnant.

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