Headmaster In Trouble For Sending Nudes To Married Personal Assistant

8 months ago
Thu, 05 Jan 2023 12:22:02 GMT
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Headmaster In Trouble For Sending Nudes To Married Personal Assistant

A school head based in Highfield, Harare, is in trouble for sending his nude picture to his married personal assistant.

James Mukwirimba, the headmaster of Kudzanayi Primary School, allegedly sent his nude picture to Privillage Zhou, who resisted his sexual advances.

Mukwirimba clashed with Privillage’s husband, Crispen Zhou after he saw the picture in messages sent to his wife.

Crispen reported the matter to the Provincial Director of Education.

Mukwirimba confirmed sending the nudes to his personal assistant when contacted for his comment by H-Metro. He said:

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It’s a long story, my brother. It is true that the nude photograph is mine, I am the one who sent it to Crispen, not his wife (personal assistant).

We had a quarrel whereby Crispen was accusing me of dating his wife and he called me names.

Out of anger, I told him that handidanane nemukadzi wako asi iwe ndiwe wandingatoita mukadzi.

Following that heated argument, I sent him the nude photograph, but I now regret it because he went on to post it to several people, who include my girlfriend.

Crispen approached my bosses over the matter, and Privillage applied for a transfer, but later withdrew the application.

This incident happened sometime last year, and Crispen took it to the province.

We were called and agreed to settle the matter. Crispen went on to sign an affidavit that he would not take up the case further.

He demanded US$500 for sending the photo to his wife, and I refused to pay. That is why he is pursuing it. It’s like he is after extorting me.

Mukwirimba’s alleged girlfriend is Otilia Nyakabawu, a Grade 7 teacher at the same school.

Meanwhile, Crispen told H-Metro that Mukwirimba was a pervert who has destroyed several marriages. He said:

He wrecked one of the teachers’ marriages and wanted to do the same to mine.

I want to thank my wife for exposing him, and I took the matter to his bosses.

He was bedding a married student teacher, and her marriage ended.

Privillage confirmed the matter, saying she is now under pressure both from home and at work.

Otilia confirmed dating Mukwirimba and said Crispen sent the nudes to her just to expose them. She said:

Crispen sent Mukwirimba’s nudes after learning about our affair.

I am not sure about Mukwirimba’s marital status although he looks like a married man. Unongozivawo kuti haungabvunzisise boss wako.



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